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Momuna upper Korowai tribe

4Days/3Nights Momuna-Upper Korowai Adventure

Day by day program

Day 1: Jayapura/ Flight to Dekai (Your own responsibility), but assisted! Heading to Momuna tribe village.  Setting tent, etc. Free activities on tree house.

Day 2: Cultural activities: Sago cultivation, hunting, fishing, trapping,

Day 3 Boas village (Flexible). Walk deeper village/Jungles, and  go hunting, etc).

Day 4: Momuna-Dekai-Jayapura- (assisted)-ends


  1. Start in Dekai & ends in Dekai airport
  2. Car (2 ways (to Momuna tribe)-Upper Braza river
  3. Food (along tours) b.l.d,
  4. Accommodation (basic, sleep in/on the Tree house (Mommuna tribe),
  5. Travel permit,
  6. Entrance fee,
  7. Experience Momuna/Korowai tribe Papua, who live in harmony with nature
  8. Professional & English speaking guide!
  9. This cost only for Momuna/Korowai tribe.
  10. Exclude: Extra Expense & flight (s)