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5 days 4 night trek to Lani

Departure: 08:00 a.m. Approx 4-5 hours.

for quick reading:

The most exiting thing to see in the visit to the Lani region is the people with the big long gourd, locally known as a Kobewak. It’s useful for storing money, pig fat/meat, traditional flute which is called Lungger/pikon/pinggon and the dry cigarettes. What is it like and, and how heavy is it? You can check this out for yourselves. The paths are slippery and little bit muddy so of course you need walking shoes.  The scenery is spectacular. The Lani are still stone ages people the same as the Dani, Yali, Moni, and the Ngalum tribe in Papua.

Start trekking:

day first, after breakfast at your hotel the tour will take you by car to Bolakme village (L). You will see the local food plants like: Sweet potatoes, Taro, Sugar Cane, and Arabica Coffee plants along the path. The tour will pass by local villages and stay over night in Delegari village (D).

Day second, (B) the tour starts trekking down to the lower hills deeper towards the Baliem river. This is a good time to take a breath, wash, and have lunch before continue trekking up and down hills. Again the scenery is breathtaking. The tour will pass some huts along the path and we will see the beautiful Savanna and stay overnight in Kapur village (D)

Day third, (B) today is quite a long walk, up to 5-6 hours trekking. We go deeper to the jungle because there is no other way to cross to Laorobaga village. We will stay overnight night there, but at night, the local people will present the tribal war, and stealing pig attractions. Not only that, we might have an opportunity to see a special activity practiced by women called tukar gelang. Before they do the drama, they sit side by side; here women are in front of the men. Note: mostly this activity is for young people, but you may be allowed watch from a distance (D).

Day fourth, (B) the tour will then trek to Tagime village. Here is slippery and up and down hills. Previous experience is needed to reach this village. You will see people with the big penis gourd along the way and in the huts from first day until the end of the treks. Stay over night (D)

Day fiveth, (B) on the last day, the charge car will pick us up in the public local terminal. We will go the same way back to Wamena town and have long rest after four days trekking. Laundry staff will clean all your stuff and the next day you will be flying back to Jayapura. The following day you will continue on your trip to Biak or Manokwari or Raja Ampat for lying on the beach or doing some diving.