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Burnt Stones Ceremony (Biak)


The itinerary: (Time Duration: 08:00 am-14:00 pm)

West-Papua, the second largest island in the world, has  several off-shore islands, two of them are called Biak and Numfor. Here, one of the most exiting ceremonies among the youth community is the “Burnt Stone Ceremony”. It is held every year at the end of the initiation among the youth community. Thousands of stones are collected and then thrown in the bonfire.  Afterward, the remaining flaming firewood is moved aside, and the medicine men smear their feet  with spittle of the participants or special oil of  the leaf, called “Sandia”. Sometimes they read magic spells and demonstrate walking on burnt stones with their bare feet. The traditional ceremony of walking on burnt stones is an attraction  still performed  on the  islands of Biak and Numfor by local clans.

At the end of these ceremonies, we lead you to see the most popular attraction, a youth dance known as “Yospan”.  The dance has more many complex moves, which are dynamic, attractive and energetic. They are called “pancar, gale-gale, jef, pacul tiga”. All of the instruments that are used during the ceremony, like the guitar, ukulele, and string bass  are used by the team  are hand made. The rhythm and song of the Yosim Pancar dance are specific, therefore to raise the spirit and breath into dancing like symbolize, love song, the beauty of the nature songs and so fort.  So come and visit to the island to join in these exciting events, we would love to share our culture with you.

After finished “Stones Burnt Ceremony” and youth dance demonstration,  the tour continues, visit  the second World  war Japanese monuments. After lunch, the tour continue to Wasarak waterfall, and little hiking to Kabor hill. Here is an exotic place take picture of the islands around. The next day the tour continue to Numfor island. The people here are more traditional, but not as traditional as the Dani tribe- middle highland of the west-Papua. Coconut  oil massage service are served, if you have a muscle problem on your legs or hands. It’s not really expensive, just $5 USD per massage. One unique thing to experience in this island also is Papuan staple food called Papeda with yellow sauce. It is a good time to have this kind of food for the, your body then sweat  a lot… of course the energy supplier food! Come and experience Biak and Numfor islands,  after finished traveling in these two beautiful island, now we  are continue visit “the most some exotic islands  in Raja Ampat”. There are a most fantastic places for diving and snorkeling with professional and trained Mankur Kodon Homestay staff. Welcome!