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Carstensz Expedition Details

Carstensz Pyramid Expedition By Trekking Ugimba Route

Carstensz Pyramid Expedition by trekking can be reached through 2 routes namely Ugimba dan Suanggama. The advantage of this route is the climbers are able to be in touch with the villagers and their culture. At the same time, you can see the beauty of the nature. It is an absolutely great opportunity. However, the trekking trails usually take a long time, and climbers must be readi to face obstacles such as difficult climbing routes and social problems. We hage guides, porters, and team who have experience addressing this kind of issues. Yet, this package is offered based on the social conditions, because the security of climber is the most important concerned of our service.

Departure & Return Location

Moses Kilangin Airport Timika

Departure Time

3 Hours Before Flight Time

Price Includes

  • Airplane Timika-Sugapa-Timika
  • Accommodation in Timika
  • Meals in Timika and all food supply during the journey
  • Tent and stove during the journey (2 PAX/tent)
  • 3 Porter/PAX (max of 9Kg luggage)
  • Cook
  • Medical Check Up in Timika
  • Professional climbing guide
  • All traveling permit and donation

Price Excludes

  • Air plane ticket Jakarta/Bali – Timika – Jakarta/Bali
  • Insurance
  • Personal Gear
  • Extra Porter
  • Alcohol / Liquer
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Overloads


  • Summit Certificate
What to ExpectSummiting Carstensz Pyramid Peak through adventurous trekking ethnic, culture and nature.

Day 1Arrive in Timika City tour and Shopping

Upon arrival, will picking up by car and send to the Hotel. City Tour for shopping will be arranged on Timika city in Diana or Gelael and Hero at Kuala Kencana. At Night, welcome dinner at Oriental Restaurant with Indonesian or Oriental Menus.

Day 2Timika – Sugapa – Bulapa

By Small aircraft –chartered From Timika with John Lin (JAT) or Trigana. Flight for 30 minutes from Timika to Bilogai, the airport of Sugapa.In airport, usually you will see and meet with a lot of local people. Taking motorbike for 10 minutesWalking through the traditional bridge and across the real jungle of Papuan tropical forest. Sometimes you will meet the local people that bring vegetables or Sleep in a honai, church or in Tent

Day 3Bulapa – Ugimba

Trekking through the jungle and across the river without bridge. Very challenging journey. You will feel the phenomena like in “National Geography film”. Enjoy Moni traditional dance and stone burn ceremonial if possible. Sleep in Ugimba’s homestay.

Day 4Ugimba – Putigapa

Trekking through the jungle, Nabu river, see historical stone, Moni’s tribe cave. You can see beautiful Red and white orchids forest and other flora fauna.

Day 5Putigapa – Bihugu

Walking through the stone while enjoying the sound of Dingo (Fox) and Domhea.

Day 6Bihugu – Maximus Cave

Trekking while seeing the beautiful Lason lake, Blue lake, Zebra wall, Nagambulu peak and Mpaigelah peak.

 Day 7Maximus Cave – Basecamp

Trekking and acclimatization for cold and air pressure

 Day 8Summits Carstensz

Early in the morning before the sun shines, you should have started climbing to the top. With the intention of reaching the peak at around 7.30 to 8.30 in the morning where the weather tendency is brighter with a little fog. Special skills are highly required because of the difficulty level of **** (very difficult) level for ascent. In addition to steep rocks, very cold temperatures and thinner oxygen levels, you will cross a precipitous ravine (Tyrolean Travers) by using a rope near the top. After summit, you should go back to the base camp for lunch and if possible climb another peak around.

 Day 9Summits to Carstensz (optional depends on weather on day 8)

Day 9 is a reserve if on the previous day it turns out the weather is not good or not safe to summit.

 Day 10Basecamp – Bihugu

Continue trekking into Bihugu and stay overnight.

 Day 11Bihugu – Ugimba

Trekking straight to Ugimba for an overnight break at the homestay.

 Day 12Ugimba – Sugapa

Enjoying night in Sugapa with the traditional food prepared by Team of PTPT.

 Day 13 Sugapa – Timika

Arriving Timika and preparing for Celebration

 Day 14Timika – Jakarta/Bali/Additional Package

Depart from Timika