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Papuan remotest village tour

In brief : Almost the highland area of  the West-Papua, there is no more a flat area, except coastal area. Here almost up and down hills, even in the rainy season some times slippery and muddy. But no worries, It’s a risk of the traveler. One of the dreaming tribe of a trek in Sali tribe, West-Papua but aren’t sure you can handle the rigors of the mountains range in this area? Our luxury serve trek is for you! We are going to over night stay in Missionary houses or local huts on the way to Mek tribe region, all the while experiencing breath-taking views and the best of Winahik Mountain. Moreover, people, scenery and wild life’s are welcome you here to our land our Paradise. Sali tribe. It’s far-out of the Anggruk district or 50 KM from Wamena City.  To reach this area, you can charge AMA flight of Missionary flight to Panggema or Porongoli Air trip. But more gorgeous if we trek, so it’s means we spend one week trekking. There we have chance to see the most Stone-age people, handy crafts, or if we are lucky, we can go for hunting with the local people, Sago cultivation Bird of Paradise watching and many more. Additionally, here there is no contact with modern life. Have you been there? if not, just contact us!