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The Yali Folklore

There are a lot of folklore in Yali region. One of them is “Mbuge Mbage”. Once there was an old man lived in a hole of a tree. The tree grew near the field belonged to a woman. When she was working in her sweet potatoes garden at her field then suddenly her baby felt and one moment cried out loud.  She looked at her baby’s finger that was broken. She felt afraid and leaved the field. The coming days her baby felt over and over again. Then she tried to fine the cause happening to her baby. The man mean to catch the old men. One day the baby parents leaved the huts and left her baby in the hanging nets Dani people called Noken/Su/Sum. They hided in the jungle and look for the baby. Suddenly the old came out from the hole of the wood. It was the time the baby father catched the baby. He tried to catch him, but he couldn’t catch him.  The old man was Mbumba. He ran and walked fast climbed the high mountain. It was hard for the baby’s father to catch him. The place he passed by the people now are still cannibal. Not only this, there are thousand folklore can be shared to you by the local people, if you like to hear on way trekking, just come and visit Papua, Yali region. We guarantee  will share everything about our cultures, daily life and many more. Welcome!