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Yali tribe trekking

Approx.4-5 hours. Departure: 08:00 a.m every day

Brief information:

Trekking to Yali region is not as easy as in the Dani region. It takes a couple  of days to reach these villages. The trek goes up and down hills, sometimes it’s cold (a jacket and boots are needed) and you should be experienced in trekking  to  reach these villages. 7 Days tour to Yali deepr region is your challenge, so why do you waiting for. Let’s go to Yali tribe.

Tour Itinerary:

Day1:  You will leave from Wamena to Hitugi and stay there for the night.  The way leads up and downhill and you will see a very beautiful scenery which you can’t get rid of looking at.  We’ll have lunch on the way to Yuarima village.

In the morning the trek directs further uphill and you will see the natural wonders of the Elit forest and  hear  the wild life sounds like for example the wolf voices  which are extremely natural in Dani region and  the Yali border. If the weather isn’t cloudy you can see down to the Baliem valley. We will have dinner and stay the night in Yogosem.

Day 3:  Yogosem to Muliwahik forest

Here you will reach the highland rain-forest and you can see so many trees, epiphyts and Pendants plants  everywhere and you hike close to the Mugi river bank. We will have dinner and stay overnight in the forest in a very basic hut.

Day 4: Muliwahik forest to Sugunim alma and Piliam

After passing the Sugunim river and crossing madig-area (a very muddy and the most slippery area with a lot of fern-trees a very mystical place we arrive close to the top of Elit mountain. Then we pass Elit summit and make  a steep descent to Piliam village were we stay overnight.

Day 5: Piliam to Homtonko

The people in Piliam are very friendly and you can see the beautiful shaped Yali style huts. As the aren’t many tourist hiking in this area the people are very happy to see you, offer their help in any kind and show a lot of interest on you.