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Honeymoon package-Raja ampat

As stunningly beautiful above water as it is below, Raja Ampat (which literally translates as “The Four Kings”) has a startling diversity of habitats to explore. Each of these – from the stark wave-pounded slopes that drop away beneath the karst cliffs of Wayag and Uranie to the deep, nutrient-rich bays of Mayalibit, Kabui and Aljui to the “blue water mangrove” channels of Kofiau and Gam to the plankton-rich upwelling areas of Misool and the Dampier Strait – are home to unique assemblages of species that, when taken together, add to produce the most impressive species lists ever compiled for a coral reef system of this size.

Marine tourism, as a sustainable alternative to overfishing, mining, and logging, has the potential to play a key role in the conservation of Raja Ampat’s spectacular underwater realm, while also creating real benefits for the local communities. This website was designed as part of a larger effort to support the growth of sustainable marine tourism in Raja Ampat and the conservation of these magical islands.

Please explore this site to find information on breathtaking diving opportunities, travel logistics, Raja Ampat’s new tourism entrance fee (which directly supports conservation and community development), and the tremendous conservation effort taking place in Raja Ampat.


Raja Ampat Honeymoon 6D/5N:
Rp. 17,950.000,- net/couple or $1.795 USD

Package termasuk:
Boat selama dalam Trip
Meals dan menginap (cottage, wisma/guest house)
Hotel &makan (standard) 2 malam di Sorong
Transportasi local selama di Sorong
Drinking Water & Snack
Ticket Taman Nasional

Hari Pertama (Jakarta-Sorong)

Berangkat menuju Sorong dengan pesawat pagi hari, trasit di Makassar makan siang dilanjutkan ke Sorong,
Tiba di Sorong di jemput menuju hotel yang sudah di siapkan
Check in dan bersiap – siap untuk perjalanan menikmati kota Sorong yang indah

Hari Kedua (Sorong)
Pagi, setelah makan siang, bersiap untuk berlayar ke Teluk Mayalibit untuk snorkeling, diving, fishing
dan singgah di Kota Kabupaten Raja Ampat
Setelah makan siang di lanjutkan mengunjungi kampung-kampung traditional Raja Ampat bermalam di resort di Mayalibit

Hari Ketiga (Sorong – Waigo)
Setelah makan pagi, berangkat menuju Waigo Resort dan tiba di Waigo aktifitas di Waigo ber snorkeling, mancing dan Makan siang di perahu, kita akan bermalam di Waigo Resort, sunset terlihat indah di Waigo resort
Malam nya bisa memancing dan Bakar ikan

Hari Keempat (Waigo)
Pagi, acara santai dan bisa berenang dan mengelilingi Teluk Kabuy, bersnorkeling, diving, mancing dan mengunjungi pulau tampa penghuni, menikmati kelapa muda ala Robinson Cruise, jungle trekking, bird watching, menjelang sore hari kembali ke Waigo Resort dan berlayar ke Pulau Krey
Pulang tanpa penghuni, kita bermalam Krey Resort.
Aktifitas bisa berenang, snorkling atau pun diving

Hari Kelima (Sorong)
Pagi hari nya menikmati sunrise di Pulau Krey lalu bersnorkeling,
Berenang dan bisa juga diving untuk melihat ribuan ikan-ikan dan terumbu karang yang masih sangat alami menjelang sore kembali ke Sorong
Dan stay di Sorong

Hari Keenam (Sorong-Jakarta)
Setelah Makan pagi persiapan untuk terbang ke Jakarta. Sore hari tiba di Jakarta

Term & Conditions:
Valid for Domestic & KIMS or KITAS holder Only
Valid until 31 June 2012
Rate is inclusive 21% tax & service charge